Jonathan Corwin

By: Breana Hurley


Jonathan Corwin "was born on November 14, 1640 in Salem, Massachusetts. He "was married to the widowed Elizabeth Gibbs in 1675" (Strauss). She came from "Boston to Salem with her and her three children" (Strauss). People say that he was a "terrifying person but he and his wife are human and had gone through struggles and loss" (City of Salem, MA). Like Elizabeth's daughter "Margaret who died at the age of 12" (Strauss). Out of "all the 10 children Elizabeth had who were Corwin, only two reached to adulthood". (Strauss)


In the beginning, Jonathan Corwin was a "sheriff" (Strauss). He "became the judge when the trials began after another Judge resigned" (Strauss). He was "one of the judges along with John Hathorne in the Salem witch trials" (Strauss). They "condemned 19 people to death during the trials in 1692" (City of Salem, MA). Was called the "evil judge due to signing most of the death certificates" (City of Salem, MA).

The Witch House of Salem Massachusetts

This house is "the last structure standing that has a direct connection to the Salem witch trials" (Strauss). "Jonathan Corwin purchased this home in 1675 for him and his new wife and her three children to live" (City of Salem, MA). The Corwin family "lived in this house until the mid-1800's" (City of Salem, MA).

Creepy Places of New England: The Witch House

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