4th Grade News

October 2015

Reader's Workshop News

In Reading, 4th Graders have been working on making inferences across a variety of genres. In one lesson, students chose words from the text, then showed bigger thinking by figuring out the theme or message from those words. In another lesson, students underlined as many words as they could find to describe the character, then showed bigger thinking by stating the type of person that character is on the inside after thinking about the words. The teachers are so proud of the thinking that is happening in Reader's Workshop!

Thank you for getting the September Reading Logs turned in on time.

The October Reading Log has been sent home, please enjoy reading!

What Else is Happening?

Math Workshop

In math, students are working on factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers, multiplicative comparisons, and properties of triangles. Students are very engaged in the lessons and seem to be grasping the concepts. These are new concepts, so it takes practice. Students will take the Unit 2 Math Test next week.

Writers Workshop

Students are creating Realistic Fiction stories. Teachers use mentor texts and students apply the writing techniques that different author's use like adding dialogue, embedding questions, using details, and sound effects. Sound fun? It is!

Upcoming School Events

10/05/2015 – No School – Professional Development Day

10/06/2015 – McTeacher Night – 4:00 – 8:00 pm

10/08/2015 – Skating Party – River Roll – 6:00 pm

10/09/2015 – Grandparents’ Day

10/10/2015 – 22nd Annual Fox Hill/United Way Youth Disc Golf Tournament (our kids host players from all over the metro) 8:30 am

10/20/2015 – Conferences – 4:15 pm – 8:15 pm

10/20/2015 – PTA meeting – 6:00 pm

10/22/2015 – Conferences – 4:15 pm – 8:15 pm

10/28/2015 - Fox Hill Flag Football Playoffs and Super Bowl vs Gracemore…October 28th, Staley High School DAC 6-9 PM.

10/29/2015 – Fall Class Parties

10/29/2015 – Trunk of Treat 6:00 pm

10/30/2015 – No School