St. Patrick’s Day Festival

Le Coro

History of St. Patrick’s Day

This day is dedicated to Saint Patrick. However he was not actually Irish rather he was British who lived in the Roman Empire. He was held in captivity for 6 years by the Irish invaders who kidnapped him. He also later converted to Christianity so that he could return back. He spent his life spreading Christianity. He uses the Shamrocks to represent the Holy Trinity. However when he died he was forgotten for a long time. He was only remembered when legends and mythology was about him arose. Then centuries later he was renamed as the Patron Saint of Ireland.

St. Patrick's Day

Monday, March 16th, 11am

London, United Kingdom



11:00 am - St. Patrick's Day parade starts

12-8:00 pm - Shamrock festival (music from local and regional talent)

12-5:00 pm - Children's area (face-painting, games, inflatables)