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Eastlake Middle School 8.06.18


It has been a rather exciting two weeks! We have visitors from China and Japan, we were trying to balance our master schedule and class loads (all under contract!) and we are in the process of hiring two new teachers! Thank you for being a great team. Lots more going on this week!

A. Open House! Open House is August 9th. Teachers are off duty after 6th period on August 10th. I am going to make an announcement encouraging parents to make meetings with parents at a later time. Go home as soon as you can after Open House and the next day. You deserve it!

B. TSP. Don't forget: If you send a student with a special TSP pass, they should remain in the class for the duration of advisory.

C. Safety Drills. We will conduct seven drills on August 8th and 9th. These drills will happen during the first five to ten minutes of each class with minimal disruption to the class learning environment. We want our campus to be safe and secure which requires students and staff to be prepared for a variety of situations. We will be conducting these drills in coordination with local law enforcement and the fire department. If you have questions or concerns, contact Mr. Nafarrete at

D. EduAbroad. Thanks for your patience with our students from EduAbroad. Please do your best to get them involved. If they are too shy, you can check in with their comfort level or encourage their partner to work with them. You have all been great about supporting the students. Thank you!!

E. PTSO Campaign. The PTSO is sponsoring a challenge with our TSP classes. Please see the flyer below. The monies collected go back to our general budget. Please encourage your TSP to participate and win the prizes mentioned in the flyer below.

F. Rise Up will officially start on August 13th. In the meantime, please start letting us know of students of concern.

G. 504s. We are about to start our mass push for completing 504s. Please note that the APs will be extremely busy. You will receive more information about this shortly.

H. Observations. The administration team will be in classrooms this week simply asking students What they are learning, Why they are learning it, and How will they know they have learned it. We will share what we hear!

I. Budget. Make sure you meet withy our department to start outlining how you want to spend your funds. EEF funds need to be accounted for as soon as possible.

J. Follow us on Twitter @EastLakeTritons!

K. Triton Awards! Start recognizing those great students of yours. Give them the shell award and have them find me at lunch or in my office for a treat. I always call their parents and it makes for great community building with your classroom. We will start recognizing students weekly for the Triton Traits.

As always, Go Tritons!

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PTSO Contest

Help Our Student and Our School

We are having a great contest through our TSP classes for the month of August. We have some great incentives for the classes. We also have some surprises coming up for parents!
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Week At A Glance

  • August 6 – PTSO Membership Drive Kickoff
  • August 6 - Triton Time Start (Schedule)
  • August 6 – Library Open to Students Nutrition/Lunch/TSP
  • August 6-7 – 7th Grade Library Orientations
  • August 6-10 – EduAbroad Visit Week 2
  • August 6-10 – DLI Election Campaign
  • August 7 – Softball Tryouts, Day 1 (ELM Field, 3:45pm)
  • August 8 – All Students Suit Up for PE
  • August 8 – Softball Tryouts, Day 2 (ELMField, 3:45pm)
  • August 8 – Cheerleading Tryouts, Day 1 (Pavilion, 4:00pm)
  • August 8 – Safety Drills (1-Lockdown, 2-Secured Campus, 3-Earthquake)
  • August 9 - Safety Drills (4-Fire Drill, 5-Clear Room, 6-Clear Room)
  • August 9 – Open House (First Class Visit 6:00pm)
  • August 10 – Cheerleading Tryouts, Day 2(Pavilion, 1:30 pm)
  • August 11 – Baseball Tryouts (ELH, 8:30am)

Down the Road ….

  • August 14 – Coffee w/ Dr. Cooke (Library, 8:30am)
  • August 14 - Faculty Advisory Committee (Principal's Conference Room, 3:30pm)
  • August 14 - Cross Country Team’s First Practice (ELM Field, 3:30)
  • August 14 – PTSO Meeting (Library, 6:00pm)
  • August 23 – DLI Parent Night (Pavilion, 6:00pm)
  • August 31 – DLI Family Picnic (Mountain Hawk Park, 4:00pm)
Mandatory Online Training

Please make sure you complete these trainings!

Purple Pride!

Welcome EduAbroad

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A Message from our Assistant Principals!

Dr. Shannon Chamberlin and Mendel Nafarrete

We ask for your cooperation in reviewing 504 plans. We will be reserving time to call in teachers for a few minutes for the 504 planning period. As a reminder, we are all responsible for the 504 and we must give the 504 its proper attention. Thank you for your consideration.

Mission Statement

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Core Beliefs

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PTSO - We need your help!

Staff... please consider joining this worthy program on campus. They are here to help us. Let's show our support them.
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