Pietro Pergino

Who exactly is Pietro Perugino??

Pietro Perugino, born Pietro Vannucci, was an Italian Renaissance painter, Raphael was his most famous pupil.(Now that's something since Raphael was famous.)

What inspired Perugino??

What has inspired Perugino is not documented, but he was a former student of Fiorenzo di Lorenzo, a minor painter. In which case he would have been a fellow pupil of one of his most famous person living at the same as him.

What Peruginos young life like?

Perugino was apprenticed at age 9 to the local artistic workshops of Perugia where he showed a talent for his chosen trade. Later he worked under Piero della Francesca at Arrezzo, than became a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci, and Fillipino Lippi.

Peruginos most famous work, besides the Sistine chapel.

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