By Ayesha Mitchell

Once upon a time there were four friends that practiced all the time to be musketeers. One was named Abbey and the other was named Genevieve, but everyone called her Jenny. Abbey and Genevieve lived on farms. Jenny always went to Abbey’s house and played. The girls lived in France and desperately wanted to be musketeers.

They wanted to go to the city to be musketeers, but were unable to go by foot, so they took their horses Minty and Cowgirl. They knew the way and had a week to prepare. Abbey and Genevieve’s two friends Linda and Victoria lived down the road and were just like each other. The two girls went to visit Victoria and Linda.

When they arrived at their friends, they asked them “Do you want to come with us?” At first they weren’t too sure, but they said, “YES!” All of them screamed out of the blue and gathered the bales of hay and set it into an obstacle course. A few days later they set off for Paris with Victoria and Linda’s horses Alexander and Bonny.
Once they arrived in Paris, they immediately went to the castle and they magically got let in. It was like the guards already knew them. The four girls went to the bedroom and they got to know everyone, but what they didn’t know was that four boys were trying to be musketeers as well.

They met the four boys and none of them said that they wanted to be musketeers as well. All of them had the same person training as well. They fenced, danced and practised about 1 million gazillion times. Afterwards, they went around the towns and heard voices and saw some people. They hid behind some barrels and the man whispered “Now get these swords to the castle.”

They went straight back to the castle and were going to tell the soon to be king about a ball. They immediately stopped and presumed that they were for the ball. The girls sewed their dresses at night and practised all day. Finally the dresses were ready.They put on their magical new dresses and got ready to go to the ball.

Everyone was dancing and suddenly “BOOM BOOM” guns were being shot at the roof. The men whipped out their swords and shouted, “FREEZE EVERYBODY!” The men and the women screamed for dear life and ran out. No one was left, but the four girls and four boys with the men. They all fought the men, who lay on the floor with terror and didn’t move. Then the boys and girls got to know each other and they argued over who could be the musketeers. It was 12:00 am and they fought until the boys surrendered to the girls, who finally became the musketeers and they all lived happily ever after.