Secondary Science Newsletter

December 18, 2014

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Important Dates

  • High school benchmark dates: March 11, May 6 (except biology)
  • Middle school benchmark dates: December 19, March 11, May 13 (except 8th grade)

Updates from the Science Curriculum Office

Have you joined the EPS Science Edmodo group yet? There are some great conversations going on over there. I would love to see more teachers popping in and sharing ideas with one another. If you haven't joined yet, check it out at

Online Preview Access to Discovery Techbooks

If you are interested in previewing the Discovery techbooks, which are one of our adoption choices, please visit

Cool Tech Tool/Site of the Week: The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: Newsela

Newsela is a website that features engaging articles about science topics at 5 different reading levels. You choose the level that is right for your students. You can even differentiate and assign different students the same article at different reading levels.

Click here for more tech tools!

Instructional Strategy of the Week: Cubing and Think Dots

Cubing is an instructional strategy that asks students to consider a concept from a variety of different perspectives. The cubes are six-sided figures that have a different activity on each side of the cube. A student rolls the cube and does the activity that comes up. Cubes can also be used for group tasks as well as individual tasks.

To learn more about cubing visit

Click here for more instructional strategies.

Need Resources?

Check the R drive and Pearltrees frequently, as I am adding new resources weekly!

And please send me awesome lessons or ideas so that I can share those across the district.

Safety Reminder

Please review the following documents before beginning any activity that may pose a risk to students (directions for locating these resources are in parentheses).

  • Science Class Safety Information Sheet (R:\Safety Information\Internal Policies)
  • Secondary Science Safety Notebook (R:\03 High School Resources\Science\Secondary Science Safety)
  • Review all documents in R:\03 High School Resources\Science\Secondary Science Safety

If you have any questions at all regarding safety in the science classroom, please contact me.

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