Matheus' Adventures

The new film

trabalho curta metragem

A little bit about the film

The film is actually the result of a project proposed by en English teacher of Marista School in Brasília. The objective was to stimulate the students to use their abilities with the English language and produce a short film about any subject they wanted. So the group came up with the idea of telling a story about Matheus. A boy that had some trouble when entering a new school, but who ended up with the girl he liked.

Some of the main actors

Sound Track

Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Official Video) ft Pharrell Williams
Get Lucky - Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell Williams

Laughs garanteed.

Colégio Marista de Brasília - 3C

Ana Beatriz Machado - Liz Vieira

Ana Carolina Hatsuia - Luiza Abreu

Analice Simões Maria - Júlia Viegas

Gabriel Miranda - Matheus Vieira

Isabela Braz - Rodrigo Moraes

José Renato - Sabrina Silveira