Algebra Mini Lectures

Test 19 - Practice


Below is a link to Test 19 which is practice for preparation of the test on Friday. Answers are not provided. Students should concentrate on the following problems:

1, 5, 8, 9

10, 11, 12

13, 14 and 16

They are circled on the attached document.

The boys will be asked to solve the same types of problems on the actual test. Partial credit will be awarded on selected problems. However, for certain problems like factoring trinomials these must be done 100% correct to receive full credit. Keep in mind that the boys understand this policy and are always welcome to question the grading on tests.

Please remind the boys that this is the last test for the third quarter. The fourth quarter commences with the first day of class when we return from Spring Break. By the way, there is no homework for Spring Break.

Tonight's homework is a worksheet which I passed out in class. There are 28 problems but the boys only need to solve problems 1 through 20. There is a study sheet which accompanies the worksheet which is very helpful in giving the boys guidance in solving the problems.

I will do my best to provide a video review tomorrow. But remember, many of the problems that appear on this test are very similar to problems worked on previous tests so feel free to remind the boys that they can pull up some of the old videos that were previously distributed.

Best Regards,

Richard Gosselin

Math Instructor

Western Academy