Blue & Silver Newsletter

For the week of 11/6/17

Veterans Day Performance

This Friday (11/10) our 4th graders will be inviting all parents and Veterans to come to school for a special Veterans Day performance! We will be offering 2 times for veterans and parents to come! The first time will be from 9:00-9:25 for 3-5th graders, parents, and veterans. The second time will be from 1:00-1:25 for K-2, parents, and veterans.

We also want to honor any veterans in your families or extended families in a slide show! If you could please email (the performing arts teacher) with 1 picture attachment and the following information:


Military Branch

Relationship to the student at RPE

For example:

John Doe


Father of Natalie Meredith

If you e-mailed Mrs. Meredith this information last year, you do not need to send it again. She has all the pictures and information saved from last year!

Thank you and we hope to see you Friday!

Introducing Imagine Math

Last week students took a placement test for Imagine Math (formerly Think Through Math).

Students may access Imagine Math from home by using the link on my "Math Links" page or using this link.

Clever log-in: the first 8 letters of their last name_student ID

The password is their date of birth YYYY/MM/DD

Imagine Math's adaptive content helps students focus where they need - filling in missing skills or pushing on to new skills.

Students should be actively paying attention while they are using the Imagine Math content not just passively clicking through the program. To assist with this, I will be assigning each student a Imagine Math journal to take notes as they learn and to provide them a space for solving problems.

Students will have an opportunity to access IM at school, but they may need to also access the program from home to meet our class goal of each student completing 2-3 lessons per week.

Spelling Bee

We will be having our classroom Spelling Bee on Thursday, November 9th in Language Arts. Two students from each homeroom class will participate in the school Spelling Bee on November 17th. If your child is interested in participating in the Spelling Bee, please review the resource link below.

Study Words for all the grades
Scroll to grades 3-8

Important Dates

11/10 Veterans Day Performance @ 9 & 1

11/15 Thanksgiving Luncheon @ 11:45

11/15 - 11/16 Book Fair

11/17 School-wide Spelling Bee

11/20 - 11/26 Thanksgiving Break

11/30 Picture Retakes

12/1 Green Apple Deposit Day

Our Learning Targets

Reading: We can locate information using a variety of text features within expository texts. We can distinguish fact from opinion and verify what is fact.

Writing: We can write a well organized paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting details.

Social Studies: We can identify and compare ways of life of American Indian groups in specific Texas Regions.

Math: We can solve one and two step problems involving division, including interpreting remainders.

Science: We can solve problems involving division (up to a 4 digit whole number divided by a 1 digit whole number) using arrays, area models, or equations.

Spelling List for the week

strong, voice, probably, area, horse, board, course, worth, learn, thirteen, search current, return, record, sore

Bonus Words: biography, biodegradable, antibiotic, irreplaceable, irreconcilable

Second Step

Showing Compassion

Compassion means saying kind words or doing something helpful to show you care about how another person feels.

Having empathy helps you show compassion.

Looking for Second Step Home Links?

Join our Class Dojo Class

Stay in the know about how your child is doing in our classes by joining our Class Dojo class. Your child brought home information last week about how to join our class. If you did not get it please let us know. We are learning as we go, so please be patient with us.
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