Its me Angel.c:


me. all about me

About me, i'm more or less quiet around big groups or in big classes like this, i don't like asking questions in big groups in general i just don't like talking at all.. i can be funny at times if you really get to know me i cuss a lot but not in classes i know its a no no but its a habit. i have 12 older brother and sister including me so witch makes 13 kids but not all from the same mothers same dad. different mom. heh i love music and Netflix those two things are my main too favorite things to do i'm not a huge reader but its very rear you'll see me with a book in my hands all the time i like to write sometimes or just write poems sort things i wanna do in life, on social network. but when i do write i lose myself in my writing and go to different state in my mind like a daydream but filled with words, its crazy i swear. what else about me? oh! i love taking pictures i love old cameras and i love tattoos its like a photo on your body telling a story describing a tail that you just can't put in words and you want to walk around with it on your skin its amazing. i love it and thats why i have a tattoo its not quit finished but i love it very dearly. i love food, food is life if we had an all you can eat buffet at that school it would be gone because of me. I'm not going to lie i would be gone but that won't happen anyways. i want to travel the world and i don't want to be told things like you should stay for your family or what ever excuse that anyone is trying to tell me cause this is my life not there's and if i wanna be on the road for the rest of my life i should be able to do that.