All About Me

A glimpse of Takara

Some Words From Me

Okay, so let me start of by saying, I'm very excited about this class. I look forward to the challenge that awaits me. I decided to get my BA in Cognitive Studies. I work with children and I love it. However, my future desire is to make a difference outside of the classroom. I still want to interact with children and families, just on a different level.

I have taken many classes that involve children:

  • Infant and Toddler
  • Parenting Education
  • Early Childhood Program Administration
  • Preschool Appropriate Practices (40 hour class)
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • VPK standards
  • Special Needs

I have taken many more class then what I listed. What I'm most interested in about the class is number 4. Design environments that nurture the physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive growth of each and every child ( located in our syllabus). I love getting ideas and suggestions on the environment of the child. It's such a vital part of every child's development. Especially in the military, the children in my care spend 9 to 10 hours a day Monday-Friday with me. A lot of there growth and development is coming from me (the teacher). It's important that I have my room set up developmentally appropriate for the children in my care. Children are definitely observational learners; this keeps me in check because the children are watching what I'm doing and saying.

I'm excited about getting to know all of you! I honestly try my best to respond to as many people as I can during the week. If you respond to my post, I will definitely make sure to comment back. I just consider that to be respectful. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. My email is Thank you to all that took the time to read and respond to my post. I look forward to chatting with you all in class.