Sonoma Mountain

Philosophy of Education

I believe that being educated means being committed and willing to try. Sonoma Mountain has been great ever since I came here last year. The environment has been the same since I came and has gotten different by the school getting new students. I took advantage of getting the necessary credits at my old school, and now I am going to graduate soon because I only have about 19 credits left in order to graduate. This school is a stepping stone for me to get credits, smarter, and hopefully help me get prepared in taking classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College. I want to accomplish all of this and get my diploma. I have strength and if I have the hope I can do it. After high school I want to continue to do something that I like to do, because I think that in life you should do something that you like or else there is no point.

Education is important to me because I care about my future and I always want to be successful. Many skills are important to me and I try my best with the things I struggle in. Science and Physics are the subjects that I like and want to continue to learn about. I would never want to think about any penalties about failing because I believe If you apply yourself to something that's interesting to you, then not a thing can stop you. I am willing to do anything it takes to ensure this won't happen.

I believe that some of the things we learn now are necessary if we want to do something that is required for that subject later in life. Otherwise it is always good to be smart. This is good because in some jobs you need to know science or math or many other things etc. I am only a young adult now but I want to continue for the rest of my life to do science related things because its interesting to me.I know I will change, but hopefully I will still like that. I am still growing up and am going to still mature. You have to surpass difficulties in life to gain the reward. There is always a for everything,

I still have the same views that I have had since I have been going to Sonoma Mountain High. I have came a long way to get to this point and I only need 19 credits to graduate and then I am going to attend more school like I had originally planned to do. I am still interested in the science and will continue to do something involving that.
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The experience in Mrs D’s class has been good so far and I have liked all the assignments and they have been fairly easy. I like when we do the sentence corrections in her class and I really like her attitude this whole year. The things that I found challenging and hard was doing certain presentations that had to meet exact standards. The other things that I found challenging was paying attention in certain moments and sitting still because I am a really energetic person and it's hard for me to sit still and stay concentrated. I think that I can try to stay still and concentrate next time as a student and not get so distracted. As a teacher, I feel like Mrs D should not do anything else as a teacher except smile more!

The assignments that I enjoyed completing was all of the responses that we did when we did anything. I really liked doing this because I was able to talk about my experience from either going to San Francisco, the Exploratorium, and going to Angel island to learn about immigration. I feel like I gave all my effort to do these responses and it was really interesting to me. I follow the directions as best as I can because all you have to do is write about how you feel and what the day was like. I specifically chose this assignment to write about because it is like traveling back in time to tell your teacher about the day and how much fun you had.

The other assignments that I enjoyed completing we're reading All Quiet on the Western Front and answering questions about the chapter. I worked pretty hard in these assignments because all I really did was remember what happened in the chapter. This challenged me in remembering details about the characters and what's happening in the book. The purpose of the assignment is to answer chapter questions when we are done reading. I followed the directions really well and gave them all my best. I chose this assignment because I had lots of fun when I was reading and the other reason why I chose it was because I am proud of doing the reading questions although they were challenging.




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My experience in history for my senior year has been easy and hard at times. I enjoyed learning about current events that were happening in the world today. The things that were challenging in some ways by having to stay concentrated certain certain points. The tests in that class have also been hard. I believe that Anderson should not do anything different as a teacher except let us play P.E more often. As a student I feel like I can do nothing differently except get higher grades on my assignments to earn a better grade. It was a weird experience with a new teacher coming to this school but after the first few days all of the students knew that he was a good teacher. I still feel the same way about him and so do the other students.

The first digital assignment that was fun but also challenged me in some way was making the propaganda poster. The purpose of this assignment was to create a propaganda poster about any war. You were suppose to use lots of color and be creative. I worked pretty hard on this assignment although it was hard to draw and paint on the Ipad. I chose this assignment to share because I thought it was really fun and making a poster was also very interesting. I would give myself a good grade because I gave this assignment my best and followed all of the directions.


The last assignment I decided to pick was a document that you had to read and highlight where all the corruption was going on with police. I followed all of the direction on this assignment and it was fairly simple. I worked hard on this assignment because I liked learning about corruption that was going on in chicago. The reason I picked this assignment was because of the interest and also because of the other assignments that were sprung from this assignment.

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My experience in Mrs April's class has been stressful because she was a new teacher coming into this school which was challenging. I enjoyed getting out early in her class because I do not need her credits. I think that a mathematician does math problems and is an expert in doing it. Technically I am a mathematician and I practice math problems when I participate in Mrs April's class. I think that when I was in her class doing all of the work it was not worth it and could of been doing something else. When I got senior schedule I took advantage and started doing other things to keep my day going. These activities would be walking my dog, working at my job, or doing community service. I would say the new teacher has helped me in knowing how to do specific algebra problems although it took me a while to learn from her teaching.

One thing that I enjoyed completing in Mrs April's class was filling out the math notebook everyday. This is the spot where you can do warm ups or take any notes relating to math. I worked hard at keeping my notebook updated and would give myself a B for doing that. I followed all of the directions when doing this because all I had to do was keep it up to date. I chose this assignment to share because I don't have many assignments to share and this was my first pick. I believe this class made me more organized and made me keep track of things.

The last assignment I decided to pick for math is the warm ups that we do on our computer devices. I wanted to pick this one because I think that a warm up before you start your actual math is essential. The purpose of doing this is to do the problems that you are told to do in your notebook. I followed the directions pretty well and got good grades on these assignments. Doing a warm up in the first 5 minutes of class would be better than doing it later in the class like we are doing. If the teacher would change anything, that's what it would be.

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My experience has been great these past couple years and I really enjoyed it. The activities that I enjoyed doing was topics relating to animals or plants. I was also very interested in doing labs. The things that were challenging was saving up information in my head and having to take a test later on in the classI think that I should take notes if remembering information is hard for me and reread them before I take the test. I believe that my science teacher could not do anything different as a teacher because everything that she has done is been awesome and should not ever change. I think that as a student I can just take school seriously and stay focused like I have been.

The assignments that I liked doing the most but also challenged me in some ways were the current events. My process in completing these assignments were to simply get it done and read something that I was interested in. I would grade myself with an A because I give these assignments the best of my ability and I read the directions through and do what they ask. The directions of assignments are the most important thing because they tell you what to write and if you don't know this then you probably don't know what to do.


The other assignments that were fun and challenging in some ways we're doing the redwood trees assignment. My process in completing these assignments were listening to the directions and completing them all the way through. I completed them with accuracy because they were fun assignments. I would grade myself an A in the assignments I completed because I did a great job and got good grades on my assignments. I chose this assignment to write about because I really enjoyed the variety of assignments through just redwood trees. We also went on a field trip to explore and learn about Giant Redwood trees.


Elective: Econ and Goverment

The elective I decided to pick to write about for this section was going to be about Econ and Government. I picked these things to write about because they were challenging but they were fun at the same time. I got through these classes by simply getting my work done and listening to the teacher. I have never took government or Econ until this year and I am not the biggest fan but I wouldn't say I hate it. In the class we just do regular work about economics or politics. We have done fun assignments in that class and we also learn about things that are going on in the world today.