Disease brochure

And how to prevent them

how to prevent diseases to the respiratory system

one don't smoke because if you smoke there is a greater chance for lung cancer and there is other diseases like strep throat which is easy not to get you just have to get a good amount of sleep and don't take a lot of stress. here is a picture of someone with lung cancer

Emphysema disease

Emphysema is a form of chronic (long-term) lung disease . People with emphysema have difficulty breathing from a limitation in blowing air out. There are multiple causes of emphysema, but smoking is by far the most common.

Emphysema results when the delicate linings of the air sacs in the lungs become irreversibly damaged. Most commonly, the toxins in cigarette smoke create the damage. and way to stop it from happening is don't smoke

cystic fibrosis

cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease, meaning you are born with it. It affects the glands that produce mucus and sweat, causing mucus to become thick and sticky.

As the mucus builds up, it can block airways in the lungs . This makes it increasingly harder to breathe.