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Workshop Routines: Time For The Reset Button

On January 4th, most of us will be greeted by a classroom full of sleepy students who seem to have forgotten EVERYTHING THEY HAVE LEARNED in 12 days..including everyday routines! This is a great time to hit the reset button on writer's workshop routines and rituals and an even better time to introduce a new procedure or tighten up any you think could be more efficient.

Consider the following questions when planning routines/rituals......

  • How do students move to and from the gathering area?
  • How do students access materials and tools?
  • Are students as independent as possible?
  • Do students know how to problem solve and what to do when they are "finished"?
  • Do students know how to effectively work with partners?
  • Do students have a plan for independent writing time (their own "job captain")?
  • Are students aware of where they are in the writing process and how that aligns with their writing "plan" for the day?
  • For 3-5..are students clear on the expectations of what writers notebooks should look like and not look like?
  • Do students understand their role and the teachers role during conferences?

Spending a few minutes during the mini-lesson or teaching share is a great time to reteach routines...and could make the rest of 2016 a whole lot smoother and more productive in ww!!

Capitalize on your students winter break experiences..allow time to share and make connections how these experiences make great small moment stories...or even how the student is probably an "expert" now at something new-a game, toy, or place. Highlight students "living like writers" who wrote at home!!

The Best Fireplace Video - 10 hour crackling logs, rain and jazz

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everthing"-Plato

Have you tried incorporating music during your independent writing time? Music can be calming, relaxing, build a sense of community, help facilitate transitions, and spark creative thinking!! Plenty of free options available on You Tube, Pandora, and Amazon Prime. Check out Disney Piano Collection on You Tube...great for little writers, thanks Mrs. Kolasa for the recommendation!