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What is media and media literate??

What is the media? Well to me, media can have different meanings. For example, some refer to the media as the “internet newspaper” or the “global gossip world”. The media is made of a variety of topics about everyone’s favorite things including sports, politics, and most importantly, celebrities. The media is basically where they find out info about the things happening in the world. There are many things about anything that the media can get their hands into. For example, if a celebrity goes for a run or jog, most likely there going to be a picture of them on the cover or section about them in a magazine or article on the internet. Or if it is sports related, it would be about Kobe divorcing his wife, Ron Artest getting into a fight in the club. Media can be very good for some people but also very bad. That’s why you must be careful the things you do inside and outside in your life because if you are famous or known, there is no such thing as privacy. What is media literate? I think it is the ability to correctly write about media in a magazine or a type of article. Like if someone works as a journalist or newspaper writer, it think it means to be media literate dealing with that type of work concerning things going around the world. Or if you talking about politics, it must be in the perfect format if you are discussing poles for voting.

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Taking it all the way

Coca cola’s “Going All the Way” (2014) super bowl commercial indicates a young football athlete running towards the end zone but also takes the term “Take it all the way” to a whole other yet extraordinary meaning. Coca cola starts their commercial off with obvious scenes of fear and disbelief in the young football player’s eyes while he is waiting to do his part in supporting his team and leading the team to victory and scores a touchdown off of a fumble but also takes his opportunity to run out of his own field and makes it all the way to the Green Bay Packers stadium, somewhere he feels like he had to “Take it all the way” to. Coca cola uses the example of the young star in a football game situation and scoring a touchdown in order to show people that you can go further than what you think and what others tell you is the end. Coca cola’s message is directed towards young adults and also athletes, telling them strive towards the impossible, not letting anyone tell them what they are doing and can do is limited, while preaching in an inspirational tone.

Smore #3

Smore #4

I sleep in fear, but awake in anger. I walk around thinking to myself, is it ever going to change? Will our world ever be different? Will freedom turn into slavery? I think about life as I know it, what it has come, what it will become, what it was then and how it is going to come out. Living in a country filled with despair, fear, intense hatred for the government but stronger feelings toward the Big Brother. A country with limited resources. More people than resources and with all these brains, we still can’t find a solution to our drastic shortage. From a limited amount of razor blades to the scarce amount of freedom left for everyone else in Oceania. The lack of will power the citizens have to speak word of mouth or even think of change is a crime just by entering the mind. The thought police, the government’s hand puppets dressed in black. Watching our every move and listening to all of our conversations, big brother is there, observing, learning and evaluating. There is no room for error but never really time to make things perfect. It needs to be where people and the government are on the same side. Depending on each other instead or deciding whether or need a riot should be started or someone in the process of getting arrested or executed for thinking about the “wrong things”. Need to work together for a solution to the problems at hand not trying to create another situation to cover up the unresolved one. Thinking and helping one another for the best of the higher class and the higher mind.

Smore #5

What I learned in British Literature is how to properly analyze short stories, articles, and written pieces, how to correctly write a précis, and how to add citations and how to show my work cited pages to stop plagiarism. I’m walking away from this class with additional information imbedded in my brain than when I first started the class. Like the situation with Edward Snowden and the leaked top secret information, the disappearance of North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jung Un’s uncle, and that china is slowly creeping up on the U.S. at becoming the top car manufacturer. British Literature was extremely different from the past language arts classes because it had its own distinct and unique unit. It taught us about the events that had a contribution of changing this world and events that have caught the headlines in the news or paper. Mainly dealing with social media, discussing things that have affected our economy or going deeper into details about some stuff the media decided to leave out on TV. Through all four of my years at high school, British Literature has honestly affected me the most and fed me the most information about things happening or that have happened that weren’t even aired or put in the newspaper article. I’ve learned more about the economy we live in, the whole world in general, and even the exact county we live in. I think in the future the movies could be done in the beginning of the class before it gets to the focus of straight media input. Some topics I would have liked to discuss would have been the elementary school shooting in Sandy Hook, the right for guns to be allowed in churches, the Trayvon Martin murder, Homeland Security’s optic face scan, and the unknown torture taking place in Guantanamo Bay. The topics I enjoyed were the Edward Snowden one, the Dystopian unit, and the unit focusing on McBeth.