Weekly Update - January 18

Grade 5M

Calendar of Upcoming Events and Due Dates

Tuesday, January 19 - Elementary Winter Concert (HTHS 7:30 PM)

(NO HOMEWORK except Independent Reading)

Wednesday, January 20 - MONDAY SCHEDULE

Friday, January 22

Lesson 9 Spelling Test

Tuesday, January 26 EXPLORERS TEST

(Lessons 4 and 5) Students should be making notecards, reading and reviewing outline, and rereading sections in their books prior to the test.

*We review each day in class. Students need to LISTEN and participate during the lesson to grasp concepts and ideas.

Wednesday, January 27 - MATH TEST UNIT 4 (tentative date)

Decimals, coordinates on a grid are concepts

Thursday, January 28 - Family Fun Night (Cherry Hill Skate Center 6:30 -8:30)


Deadline for this year's yearbook cover need to be turned in by January 31!

  • All students are encouraged to a design a cover for the yearbook.
  • This year's yearbook is going to look different. Students are encouraged to "think outside the box" when creating a cover!


8.5” x 11” size paper

1. School Year 2015 - 2016

2. School Name: James Stoy Elementary


4. Any paper is fine, I will be scanning this and making a digital copy, so even if the kids are cutting and gluing things onto the paper that is fine.

Turn into Mrs. Morrow or the office.

What We Are Learning!


Students will be searching topics that interest them. Then they will have the opportunity to share and showcase what they have learned.

Math - We are learning about decimals and the coordinate grid. Students should be apply to add and subtract decimals; plot and locate points on a grid

Social Studies - We are finishing up our unit on European Explorers. Test will be on the Spanish Conquistadors and the Search for the Northwest Passage.

Reading - We continue to learn reading strategies and skills through the use of our JOURNEYS reading program. We are starting book clubs/literature circles this week. Students will be reading longer chapter books within their small groups. Groups will meet to share and discuss the stories.

Writing - We are finishing up our "silly" persuasion topics. Check out essays on Pigeons Driving Buses (based on the picture book, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus), and our Impossible Job Applications. We will move on to writing persuasive essays on a current issue or topic.

Spelling and Grammar - Compound words and continued focus on correct usage, sentence structure, and parts of speech are topics for this week and next.