Piping plover


The Piping Plover is critically endangered with only 8,000 adults left. This species is listed as endangered in Canada and the inland United States. Declines resulted from direct and unintentional harassment by people, dogs, and vehicles, destruction of beach habitat for development, and changes in water level regulation. They are mostly seen on the coast and on the alkali flats.
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  • Small shorebird
  • Long Legs
  • Legs are yellow
  • Short neck
  • Back pale tan

How could you help this species?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service developed recovery plans that describe actions that need to be taken to help the bird survive and recover. Measures to protect the bird's habitat are conducted each year, including controlling human access to nesting areas. Many States and private agencies are running successful public information campaigns to raise awareness of the plovers recovery.