Healthy School Lunches

Trevor Bernhardt


The school lunches were switched to healthy lunches this year, but is it OK not to give us a choice on what we eat?

Not healthy?

In some inner city schools lunch is the only meal some kids eat a day. with only allowing kids to eat less of certain foods your taking away the only nutrition they get a day.

After School Sports.

Athletes need to eat healthy, But they do not need to be portioned. Football players need almost 4000 calories a day to maintain weight during the season and even more during the off season conditioning. There is no time for an athlete to eat before practice considering they have to be ready right after school.


It is the peoples right to choose to eat healthy or not. what a person decides to put in their body is their decision. In trying to tell people what they can eat your trying to create a "perfect" society. Which is exactly what Hitler did.

Will it change anything?

Mrs. Obama thinks that this is going to encourage bigger kids to eat healthier all the time. All this is doing is making kids either bring their lunch or their going to make up for it when they get home. Its just delaying the inevitable.

Are you really preparing us for the world?

In the real world no one tells you what you can and cant eat. In telling kids they can only eat this and that, they will become more rebellious and after they get out into the real world they are going to go eat whatever they want just because they were not allowed to.


Instead of only providing healthy foods provide a line for healty foods and a line for normal foods. Sure you could say that if kids dont want to eat the healthy lunch they can bring their own, but some kids dont have the money or time to do that. Kids in high school are spending all night on homework and having to wake up at 5:30 to finish it. Then they have to find the time to eat breakfast, get dressed, and get everything ready so they can do it all over again the next night.