Hayden Xavier

United Kingdom

airfare cost and schedule

Travel from Denver to London,UK

Cost for 2 passengers:$2474

Travel cost:British Airlines: $1626 each

Food cost:$30,movie or music

Overall total: $3,004


lodging-Plaza on the River

I will be enjoying luxuries such as divine room service, spacious suites with a kitchen and full bathroom, and a dining room in the lobby while I am at the Plaza on the River hotel in London. There is also a delicious restaurant which has open access to the balcony which lets you see the entire city. It also includes facilities such as a workout room, spa, swimming pool, and many others.

I was greeted with a microwave, oven, TV, and a bed that looked like it was a mixture of wool and silk when I first pranced into my room. I couldn't help myself to not levitate over and lay down in the mystical mattress in front of me. It was so comfortable that I hibernated till the morning. A 5 star breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages and so much more is what I then awoke to the next morning. I am going to enjoy staying at the Plaza on the River. My cost is $342 on Kayak.com. While comparing I found that Hotel.com did not have any rooms in the time that I am staying there.

Meals at the hotel: $30 a day




I will be going on "The original sightseeing tour of London." I found this tour on the internet and was excited when I saw that the tour visits historical monuments such as the Buckingham palace and big Ben. The tour that is 24 hours costs £25.50 ($42.70) per person or £51 ($85.38) in all.


I will then visit the Sunderland Empire to see the lion king musical UK. The tickets cost £27.50 ($46.04) per person or £55 ($92.10) In all. Ever since I saw it for the first time with my mother, lion king has been our favorite mother-to-son bonding movie. When I saw the musical was being preformed in London,UK i nearly jumped out the window.


Lastly, I will rendezvous over to the Sea Life London Aquarium. I also found this place on the internet. As I scrolled through the informational website i found in big red text,"SWIM WITH SHARKS!!!" I instantly clicked on this thinking this was the perfect vacation activity. I went to the aquarium and walked into a big shark bite shaped hallway that is labeled SHARKS. I put on the ponderous scuba diving gear and flopped into the icy water. I was surprised that such intimidating creatures can be so gentle. I swear that one almost licked me. Swimming with sharks is an overrated experience.


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Before I went to Britten I did my research about possible dangers there and I found information on Britain's history and terrorist bombings. To be sure of my safety and others I want to talk to the prime minister about possible solutions to this problem like a strong military or some sort of wall.



Going to London has been very fun and I have learned a lot. It started with a non stop flight from Denver,Colorado to England U.K. through British airlines. That took me to a glorious hotel with many facilities to enjoy. After a good night sleep I started doing things for fun like the lion king and aquarium. To conclude my journey I would like to say that I wouldn't want this trip happen any different way.

About the traveler

Hayden Xavier Is a 7th grade student at Silver Hills Middle School and have been working on this brochure as an assignment. I have had a lot of fun writing this.