What is in a name?

Jaden Reese 10/30/13 2nd period

1. Team Information

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Country- United States
  • State- Pennsylvania
  • City- Philadelphia

Longitude and Latitude- 39.9500 N, 75.1700 W

Region- Northeast

Languages spoken- English

Interesting Facts about region:

  1. 13 states in Northeast
  2. The Northeast is the oldest region
  3. Basketball was invented in the Northeast

Physical Features of this region:

  1. Statue of Liberty
  2. Liberty Bell
  3. Hudson Bay

2. Team Mascot

What is the team mascot? Swoop(eagle)

Are there any nicknames for this team? If so what are they? No

How does the mascot/nickname connect to the culture of the region? It is an endangered species in the northeast region and one state helping eagles is Pennsylvania

3. History

When was this team established? 1933

Who was the founder? Bert Bell

Why did he chose this location? He wanted to be an owner to a team in Philadelphia.

Does this mascot connect to the history? If so how? No

4. Economy

What is the name of the stadium/arena? Lincoln Financial Field

Why does this stadium/arena have this name? It was sold to Lincoln Financial Group

Has this stadium ever have another name? If so, what was it? No

More and more stadiums and arenas are being named after major business instead of individuals. Why has there been this shift in naming stadiums? To promote products and services