L&D Newsletter

June 2015

Happy Summer!

We've made it through another school year, and summer vacations are upon us. There have been a few vacations that were previously approved that staff no longer need, so please look at the calendar. It is the most up to date source. If you would like to request a date that is open (less than 2 pre-approved), please complete a PTO form. If it is close to the 2 week notice, please also send me an email so that I know I need to look at it quickly.

Staffing News

  • Please continue to welcome Maricel Claveria, who started last month.
  • Please welcome Pam Pogue, a new part time RN, starting June 5th.
  • We will have 2 new graduate nurses starting in July.
  • We are still waiting for replacement positions to be posted, but hope this should happen soon. (2 FT RN, 1 FT Scrub Tech)
  • We will be posting 4 FT RN positions in July to help accommodate our longer transition times.

We are always looking for preceptors, so if you are interested, please see Laura or Sara.

L&D Unit Refurbishing

Patient Satisfaction Scores

Great Job!! Our numbers for May were fantastic!! Stay focused and keep up the good work. For the next few weeks, you may be hearing about saying key words at key times and other tactics. Please make sure to check in with your team leaders and sign the weekly sign in sheets.

Also - our survey respondents are telling us that they are not being asked regularly about "Do you have help at home after discharge". Please start this process in L&D with our admission assessment. Perhaps clarify with the patient that the father of the baby, or patient's mother will be helping when they are home. If they state that they do not have anyone to help, please ask if they would like a social service consult.

Newborn Transition Process

We are almost finished with our first wave of classes. Thank you all for attending and for your enthusiasm around this project. As we've mentioned in the classes, we will be learning small bits of information at a time, with the eventual goal of closing the transition nursery for healthy babies (Oct 24, 2015 - vaginal deliveries and April 4, 2016 - cesarean deliveries).

A few things to note:

  • Please vote for the name of this process. The ballot box is in the break room.
  • Go live for newborn reg/notifying Pedi/newborn orders - June 22, 2015
  • Next class: Newborn assessment, Skin to Skin, breastfeeding tricks - August 2015
  • Please see task force members for more information

Professionalism at the Nurses Station

As we get ready to move back to the front nurse's desk, I wanted to remind you all that we are in the public eye. Please maintain professionalism at all times. This includes activities at the front desk. Please no cell phone use, no surfing/shopping online, personal phone calls. Also, remember that the patients in nearby rooms, as well as visitors can often hear the conversations that happen at the desk. Please keep these professional. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

These are just thinks to keep your eye out for in the next few months:

  • Self Evaluations - The window will open soon for self evaluations. It is important that you complete this so that you can receive the full amount of your raise. More information coming soon.
  • New red arm bands - starting this week!
  • Newborn assessment classes - August
  • No lunch clockings - soon you will be asked when you clock out about your lunch break. There will be training and clarification before this starts to happen.