Turn Homeward Hannalee

Patricia Beatty


Turn Homeward Hannalee is a book about a twelve year old girl who has two brothers, Davey who is a soldier in the war and Jem who is ten years old. Hannalee has to work in a mill in Roswell, Georgia to support her family because her father died in the Civil War. Her little brother, Rosellen, her brother's girlfriend, and she was separated from her mom and were forced to work at a mill in Indiana. Before Hannalee left, her mom gave her a button from her dress and promised her to come back with the button. Hannalee ran away with Jem and returned home with the button that her mom promised her to bring back. When she returned home, she had a baby sister, Paulina and Davey came back from the war and they all were reunited after being separated.