Benito Mussolini

Leader Profile

Early Years

Born on 1883 in Dovia di Predappio, Italy, Benito was known as being the disobedient child out of his two other siblings. His mother, a school teacher and catholic provided the family with money and stability while his father an impassioned socialist worked as a black smith. His father installed him with a passion for socialism and to defy against authority.

Political Career

In 1902 Benito moved to Switzerland to promote socialism which he quickly gained a reputation. After catching the attention of some Swiss authorities he was "expelled" from Switzerland. He returned to Italy in 1904 and continued to preach about socialism. He was briefly imprisoned and upon his release he became editor of an organization's newspaper called Avanti meaning forward. This newspaper gave him a louder voice and expanded his influence.

The Speech

In his speech at Berlin Benito mentioned several things one of them is that for a nation to have political freedom must ahve political independance and that if a nation has great military power than be a victim to economical blockade. He brought up that Italy was threatened by 52 delegates imposed "criminal economic sanctions" who appariantly didn't succeed. He was delighted when Germany did not join the sanctions saying "we will never forget that". He says that Fascism has its ethics and will remain true to them which he says will make him able to speak without double talking.

This shows that Benito shows a lot of promise to his people of truth, freedom, and protection. This is usually what many people want so it would appeal to more people and woukd give him support in hopes that what he says is truth.