Bacteria and Virus TEKS

By Connie Fralick

TEKS 4A: Enrichment Essay

As a scientist observes two bacterial species, one of which is succumbing to several bacteria-killing viruses, what characteristics of the two bacterial species can the scientist use to figure out which of the two bacteria species is being killed off by the virus?
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TEKS 4A: Question 1

What are bacilli, cocci, and spirilla and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

TEKS 4B: Question 1

What is N2 fixation? What structures sometimes play a role in N2 fixation?

What kind of cells go through N2 fixation?

TEKS 4B: Question 2

Describe how viruses maintain homeostasis in response to varying external conditions.

TEKS 4C: Question 1

Explain the methods in which viruses and bacteria transfer from organism to organism and how virus reproduction differs according to what organism is it's host.

TEKS 4C: Question 2

How are cells and viruses alike/different?

TEKS 4C: Question 3

What are the living and nonliving characteristics of the HIV Virus?

TEKS 11B: Question 1

What is the function of an endospore?

TEKS 11B: Question 2

Can bacteria overpower viruses?

TEKS 11B: Question 3

How does bacteria have a mutualistic relationship with humans?