By: kyle Ladovich

you should always do what your told


The story FableHaven is about two kids named Seth and Kendra. Seth and Kendra have to stay at their grandparents house because their mom and dad are going on a cruise. The house is actually a zoo for special creatures like fairies. Seth and Kendra get into some deep encounters with creatures they never knew existed. They encounter Satyrs, Goblins, Ogres, and many more. They are just about to hit mid summers eve which is when all the monsters come out and attack each other and people. Seth and Kendra accidentally let a creature in the house and it takes grandpa and Lena away. They eventually find him in a ogres house. They killed the ogre and saved grandpa. Now they have to find Lena. Lena is hidden under the rubble of the house... Or what's left of it. I definitely recommend this book for anybody that likes fantasy and fictional violence.


A girl who likes to play by the rules and follow directions. Kendra is a nice girl that will do anything for her little brother Seth. She is also scared a lot about things to come. She is the reason why Seth is alive.


A boy who likes to get in trouble a lot. He is very sneaky and devious. He also is the reason why Kendra gets in trouble a lot. He gets turned into a walrus later in the story because he made a fairy mad.