Bullies No More, Stop the Nonsense

By: Kandra & Jenna

Percentage of kids bullied

In 2008 at least 20% of kids ages 2-17 experienced one or more forms of bullying.

Internet Harassment

Internet harassment is most

common at ages 14-17.

Toddler bullies

Among children 2-5 physical

bullying is more common.

While at older ages teasing or emotional bullying is more common.


Over a quarter of students reported witnessing bullying on a daily basis.

"Give Me Your Money"

Some bullies put peer pressure on other kids to give them their money.


Can you make this stop!? Be a good bystander then refuse the bullying and then report.


The three R's

Remember if you see bullying and its safe recognize then refuse then report. If you do not feel safe recognize then report.

Never Bully

Never bully and never be a bystander that doesn't do anything and don't be a bully.

Never Bully STOP the NONSENSE

This flyer was done by Jenna & Kandra