Module 2 Lesson 1 Assignment

By : Trenaty Wright

Stratified cuboidal epithelium

This type of tissue is part of multiple layers of cubed shape cells. The function of this is to protect areas such as the ducts of sweat glands.
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This flexible connective tissue is in animals, also it is in the joints, the bone, and the rib cage, the ear, the nose. The Cartilage helps protects the bones from rubbing against the joints. Also Cartilage helps support the shape of the ears and the nose and other structures.
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Skeletal Muscle

The Skeletal muscle carry out movement for the body and also support the posture of the body. This tissue powers the body such as lifting and walking. These would be the functions because it helps with the movement.
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The Brain

Nervous Tissue is found in the brain. Also in the brain it acts on the body both by activating patterns of muscle to make up hormones. The functions of the brain would be thought and action
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What is important...

The skeletal muscle would be important to me because it is what helps us with everyday life. Such as us walking, running , anything you name it! We don't really think about what we do on a daily basis because we are so use to doing it our brain is what also contribute to what we do as well because we have to take an action and also think about taking an action as well