All Time All Star Weekly Update

December 8-12, 2014

Greetings friends,

Christmas Music Performance during chapel

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 10:15am

1112 W 31st St

Austin, TX

Combined third and fourth grade concert featuring vocal and instrumental selections. Students should wear casual holiday attire.

Lessons and Carols

Friday, Dec. 19th, 8:30am

1112 W 31st St

Austin, TX

Crusader Hall Lessons and Carols Christmas Service. Third grade will perform during the service. Students should dress in formal dress day attire.

Our weekly flow in room 29...

Our classroom has been beautifully decorated and continues to bring the children and me joy each time we enter our classroom. The children have set personal goals to help them continue to support our classroom rules and hopes and dreams during this exciting time of year.

This week we are starting our next Spelling cycle. For homework today, students should cut out their words and then watch the video that corresponds to their sort. After watching the video (however many times they need to), they should sort their words independently, write their sort into their Spelling Notebook and write a brief explanation of why they sorted the words the way they did (the words should be sorted as instructed in the video).

They should keep these words at home in a safe place. They have another copy of the words that they keep at school. Spelling Notebooks must be brought back to school each day.

Please be sure that they keep their Spelling Tic Tac Toe grid at home so that they can do the practice activities throughout the week. We will have a spelling assessment on Wednesday, December 17th. All activities must be turned in by this date.

Each video is password protected. The password is "thirdgrade" for all videos we will post on Vimeo.

Group 1 (red words) -

Group 2 (green words) -

Group 3 (purple words) - Part 1:

Part 2:

Group 4 (yellow words) -

Our researchers have been exploring Rain Forest information. From their explorations, they have chosen a specific area about which they're interested in learning more and sharing their learning. Some friends chose animals, while others chose plants, and several chose specific animals for their research focus. Students then decided if they would like to work independently or with a partner for their project. Finally, each student chose how they would like to demonstrate their learning (Diorama, Powerpoint, Prezi, play, research paper/poster, etc.). Students then met with Mrs. Wright to discuss their topic and learning demonstration. We will work on these exciting projects during school time. I have school supplies and such for use, but any additional materials or costumes are welcome to be brought in from home. Your child has/will be sharing with you a half sheet of paper that lists their choices for you to initial. Students will present their learning demonstration project in class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The kiddos are really looking forward to the experience and have begun exciting research already!

Spanish - Oral quiz Thursday, 12-11, and song quiz Tuesday, 12-16.

No accepting Scholastic Book orders! Follow online directions that came home with book orders or send in paper order form with your child. Place orders by December 16th.

The children are wrapping up their Unit 4 in math with our assessment tomorrow. Unit 4 material covered regrouping through the thousands, various properties (associative, communicative, distributive), and column addition. The students have completed their review on Friday and will continue to review today in preparation for their assessment tomorrow.
The kiddos have also been adding to their math toolboxes with practice using unit blocks and model drawing to solve word problems. They seem to be enjoying taking on some challenging problems using their model drawing. Mr. Harrison, sixth grade math teacher, came to our class last week for a special model drawing instruction, and the students were very attentive and respectful to our guest teacher. Our next unit, Unit 5, will provide instruction and practice on subtraction of whole numbers, subtraction rules, estimated differences, and regrouping.

Writer's Workshop is entering into an exciting time as we prepare to publish and share with our third grade peers on December 17th. Third grade writers will congregate in chapel and share their work in small groups.

Have a wonderful week,


Las Posadas

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 9:30am

1112 W 31st St

Austin, TX

Performance will be in the small gym