Relief Act Rescure Plan

Helping Others In Need

About Us

Everyone- Pilot

Jack- Navigator- The Navigator is responsible for marking the route of the Relief Act aid's AC-130. The range of the AC-130 can't make a straight shot from Houston to Tacloban, Philippines so our course will divert up into Alaska an then across to Russia. From Russia the AC-130 will be instructed to change heading to the south and refuel at the marked countries. After a few more stops the aid will be delivered amounting to a total flight time of 30 hours 40 mins.

Jonny- Loadmaster- The Loadmaster has to decide what to ship for aid while meeting the requirements in the AC-130. Five pallets can be fitted into the AC-130's cargo bay. The weight of the crates together equals 28,150 pounds. The max weight of the AC-130 is 35,000 so the Relief Act meets weight requirements.

Sam- Medical Officer- Medical Officer finds what diseases will be most likely cause a outbreak. After taking in the diseases the Officer will pack medicine and supplies for meeting these outbreaks.

The Relief Act's goal is to help others in need.

Flight Plan to the Philipines

Flight Plan

With only a Range of 1438 miles the AC-130 has to stop and refuel along the way to aid.

Houston Tx, to Boise Idaho

Idaho, to Yukon Territory

Yukon Territory to Russia

Russia to Eastern Russia

Eastern Russia to Japan

Japan to Okinawa

Okinawa to Tacloban

Did we accomplish our goal?

Yes, we rid many Filipinos of diseases, we helped with the loss of food and drinkable water, giving many who were suffering starvation and hadn't eaten in the last few days. We had our portable hospital, helping many people who were severely hurt or was sick.

Chronological description of what happened

We presented our ideas, receiving 100% funding. Then we planned what we wanted to bring, Then we planned how we planned to pack it so it would fit in the pallets (see above), Then we planned our flight rout (see above), then we flew over and did our work, tending to many sick and injured. Then we debriefed and now we are ready for our next project.

Tips/ lessons

Next time we need to protect the food and water better because looters attempted to loot our food and water, also, we need to make sure we take the peoples pictures or give them a wristband when they get food an drinks, mainly to make people rethink when they try to do it again, so people don't attempt to take advantage and take multiple rations of food and drink every day.

Stratigies that Did and Did not work

Strategies that Worked

-Separating work while still reviewing and going over what we all did

-Following the Rubric and Guide

-Talking and good communication

-Having each other review everything

-Making sure everyone did they job

Strategies that Did Not Work

-only having one person work

-Not planning out what needs to be done

-Waiting till its due

-Not staying on focus


Medical supplies-400lbs



Clothing- 2000lbs

Hospital- 4500lbs

Mosquito- 1800lbs

Misc.- 350lbs

Latrines- 1600lbs

Ref Med Sup-1000lbs

Total- 28150lbs

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Flight plan

Time of flight

30 hours 40 mins