Sem Seussville News

Dedicated Every Day in Every Way!

Happy Birthday!!!

December 4 - Katie Page

December 6 - Bridget Self

December 8 - Stacy Carter

December 12 - Lalo Rodriguez

December 31 - Mallory Sitzman

Important Information

Character Trait: Fairness.

Please look for students that are showing the following traits…

  • Play by the rules
  • Take turns and share
  • Be open-minded; listen to others
  • Don’t take advantage of others
  • Don’t blame others carelessly

Gift Wrap Drive

Continue to promote the gift wrap drive. We currently have 94. Let's try and double it by December 9th!!

Character Kid of the Month is Dec. 18th.

  • Please check team planning folders to see if this is your month. If it is, please send me the student names by Wednesday, December 16th.

Hoppin & Poppin' Into to Decemeber...

December 7

Fire Drill

PTA Holiday Shop

December 8

Counselor Meeting - Young

PTA Holiday Shop


December 9

Gift Wrap Due

PTA Holiday Shop

Staff Meeting

December 10

PTA Holiday Shop


December 11

Character Red Carpet

IC Meeting - Denton

PTA Holiday Shop

Teacher Holiday Luncheon 11-1 -sponsored by Sem PTA

Staff Christmas Party

December 14

PTA Board Meeting

December 15

Jeans and College Shirt day

Spelling Bee 8:00

Librarian Meeting - Price

Math Vertical Committee Meeting - Library

December 16

Character Kid Names Due to Ashley Young

Principal Meeting - Gonzales

Team Leader Meeting

December 17

Assistant Principal Meeting - Miller

Maus Music Tour 1:00

RTI Vertical Team Meeting 3:12

December 18

Winter Party 1:50 - 2:40