Newsletter Week 1 Term 4

Lauriston School 18th October 2022

Principal Message

Kia ora ma whanau o te kura Kotuku Lauriston,

Welcome back for another action packed and opportunity filled term ahead! In today's newsletter you will find a timely update on our upcoming E.O.T.C adventures with 2 camps and a big day out set to take place in November.

School is looking amazing and a lot of work has taken place behind the scenes during the holiday break while the children were away. This was largely thanks to efforts of myself, our senior leadership team, the teaching staff, BOT members, Ducky and his crew of LSS parent support, John Harmer and his team and Jeff Nowell our groundsman.

Staff have worked hard over the holiday break to prepare and organise for all the opportunities and highlights ahead in Term 4, while BOT and Senior Leadership oversaw the appointment of a new teacher for 2023. An update on Staffing for 2023 will go out to the community over the coming weeks once these arrangements have been finalised and confirmed internally. This will enable families to prepare for the transitional pathway conversations we hold each year, as children move through the school during our upcoming Whanau Hui in Term 4.

Our BOT Chair, Wiggy, LSS Chair, Ducky and myself all worked together leading up to and during the break to co-ordinate the next big step in actioning our Vision Map for 2022. Thanks to sponsorship from John Harmer several trees were able to be removed from the site so that some initial landscaping could take place in preparation for the placement of foundation and toilets behind Mt Hutt and Mt Harper. Ducky along with his team of men spent the better part of a day helping support this mahi alongside Jeff our groundsman who spent the weekend tidying up the grounds and rolling the field in preparation for the return of students on Monday. I'd like to make a special mention of Ducky, who spent almost two full days leading the project on site.

Next steps for the project include the landscaping of the grounds in preparation for foundation laying and creation of scooter & bike track, the toilet's being installed, the setting of the two mini playing fields and the relocation of the stage which was used during our most recent Opuke Festival of Cultures. The cost of the stage was fully covered by sponsorship from Smith and Sons and Opuke Kahui Ako and will be an asset for our school community in hosting future events over years to come.

With Mt Alford also set for painting, our mural will soon be able to be hung thanks to Aaron Chambers and Jeff Nowell on the Mt Alford outer classroom wall-a beautiful site to welcome all who visit and attend our school each day!

If you would like to be able to contribute moving forward in any way, please be sure to speak to either myself, Wiggy or Ducky as we welcome your support in completing this exciting work which will be a real legacy project for our school community for years to come.

Nga mihi nui

Colin Brodie

EOTC Experiences and Camps

Kia ora koutou ma whanau o te kura Kotuku Lauriston,

The staff would like to provide an early heads up on what our E.O.T.C opportunities look like heading into Term 4.

Thank you to those families who took advantage of this timely information sent out at the end of last term, to pencil these dates in your calendars and provide us with an idea of parent availability to help support the running of these awesome camp experiences staff and children are planning. These E.O.T.C experiences and camps are confirmed as following:

Year 3-5: Hakatere-Ashburton Lakes Camp-November 7-9th(note Year 4-5 from Mt Somers and Mt Winterslow would head out for a two night, three day camp on Monday the 7 November through to Wednesday 9 November, Year 3's from Mt Hutt would head out to join the Year 4-5 students on Tuesday, 8 November for a 1 night, two day camp)

Lead: Laura Twiss:

Staff attending: Laura Twiss, Nerina Hawkins & Colin Brodie (Mon-Wed), Elyse Adams, Tania Wallace (Tues-Wed)

Year 0-2: Hakatere-Ashburton Lakes Big Day Out - November 9th (students Y0-1 from Mt Alford, Y1-2 from Mt Harper and Y2 from Mt Hutt)

Lead: Georgie Turpie:

Staff attending: Georgie Turpie, Jason Taylor

Year 6: Hakatere-Ashburton Lakes Big Day Out - November 9th(Year 6's from Mt Somers) Lead: Wendy Atkinson:

Staff attending: Wendy Atkinson, Colin Brodie (Wed)

This combined shortened week dove tails nicely into a four day weekend commencing with a Staff only Day for all Opuke Kahui Ako Schools on the 10 November and Canterbury Anniversary Day on the 11 November.

Year 6: Diamond Harbour Camp-November 22-25 (Year 6's from Mt Somers) Lead: Wendy Atkinson:

Staff attending: Wendy Atkinson

Classrooms will be sending home notices this Wednesday with more information pertaining to each classroom and year group. Camp information evenings for parents attending these camps are a compulsory requirement prior to these camps taking place. Teachers will advise families of the dates for these within Wednesday's notice.

Teaching staff undertook their risk assessment visits over the holidays and are in the process of completing their planning and preparation for the exciting outdoor adventures ahead. To support their planning and preparation please contact the lead teachers if you have any further questions.

Confirmed staffing for each of the 2 camps to be advised.

Nga mihi nui

The Lauriston Team

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Birthday Celebrations

This week we have Natalie Ellis who has turned 7 today and Annabel Maw who will turn 9 on Thursday and also Charlie Honeywell who will turn 11 on Thursday - we hope you all have wonderful birthday celebrations!


We warmly welcomed three new students to the Mt Alford class yesterday. Firstly we have Harper Brodie, daughter of Colin and Anjuli, then Georgia Copland, second child of Duncan and Jo and sister of Gus and finally Eddie Royston, second child of Michael and Hen and younger brother of Ollie. We wish you happy Lauriston School days filled with learning and discovery.

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Upcoming Events

  • BOT Strategic Planning Meeting - 18th October
  • Area Athletics - 20th October at Methven Primary School
  • School Photos - 21st October
  • Labour Day Holiday - 24th October
  • BOT Meeting - 25th October
  • County Athletics - 4th November (pp 7th November)
  • Yr 4-5 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Camp - 7-9th November
  • Yr 3 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Camp - 8-9th November
  • Yr 0-2 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Big Day Out - 9th November
  • Yr 6 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Big Day Out - 9th November
  • Opuke Staff Only Day - 10th November
  • Canterbury Anniversary Day Holiday - 11th November
  • Yr 6 Diamond Harbour Camp - 22nd - 25th November
  • LSS Meeting - 23rd November
  • Zone Athletics - 30th November
  • Firewise Funday - 2nd December
  • BOT Meeting - 5th December
  • Leavers Dinner - 8th December

Area Athletics

This event where we combine with Methven Primary and Our Lady of the Snows School for our Area Athletics will take place this Thursday 20th October at Methven Primary, McDonald Street, Methven.

All students need to be assembled on the court area outside the office by 8.45am in their year groups. Juniors will be welcome to go home with their parents at the conclusion of their programme around 1.30pm, but please make sure you let a staff member know you are leaving.

Year 3-6 children need to bring a safety pin to attach their score card to their shirt - Yr0-2 children will be issued with a name sticker on the day.

THERE WILL BE NO BUSES RUNNING ON THIS DAY - it is up to parents to make sure your child arrives at Methven on time and has arrangements to get home.

School Photos

We have Photo Life coming to school this Friday 21st October to take our annual school photos starting at 9am.

Every child should have brought a form home today about this event with a provision for ordering a sibling photo on the back. This needs to be completed and returned to school to the office by tomorrow morning, Wednesday 19th October if you wish for a sibling photo to be taken. If we do not have a form, a sibling photo will not be taken.

A reminder also that all children must be dressed in clean and correct uniform.

Term 4 Uniform

Long Pants

As long pants or leggings are only a term 2 & 3 option, these can no longer be worn in term four.

Sun Hats

As we are now in term 4, all children must be wearing a sunhat whilst outside or will be asked by staff to sit in a shaded area. Any navy bucket or brim hat can be worn, but caps are not acceptable as they do not cover the ears. We have some large sunhats available for purchase from the office with more stock of smaller sizes due to arrive shortly.

This is also a timely reminder to apply sunscreen to your children before they head to school for the day - sunscreen is available in the classroom for reapplying throughout the day.

Lauriston Hall AGM

This event is being held in the Lauriston Hall on Thursday 10th November at 7.30pm.

All welcome!

Methven Keas

The Methven Kea group is on the lookout for new members and invite all 5-7yr olds to come along to their open day on Wednesday 26th October from 5-6pm in the Methven Scout Den situated opposite the skatepark.

Any enquiries please phone Bev 0272428846

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