Dear nature, my nature!

By: Olivia Outhwaite

Dear, Nature

I wrote this about a tree in my backyard named wiscalefa. She is my escape when I need to do anything.

Dear nature, my nature,

There for me

Dear nature,

Like a fresh glass of lemonade.

being there when walking through country roads.

letting the birds tweet when refreshment is needed

water to swim in

oh dear, Nature

giving me trees to climb in

and sit for hours,



occasionally sleeping.

waking up every morning

sunshine on my face

your clouds in my sky

Sleeping under your stars

and moon

dearest nature,

Like a green octopus, you are one- of- a- kind

watching the butterflies gently land on flowers

watching them patteraway

breeze so gently going through my my hair

rain when I needed to scream

You made it bright out when I was happy

watching the birds on the trees

My nature,

you are the heart of a giver.

the tide in the ocean

the sun in the sky

The sand at the dunes

Thank you nature for giving me you.

-Poem by: Olivia Outhwaite