Animated Promo Video

Animated Promo Video

An animated promo video, or an explainer video, takes your business’s concept or process and breaks it down so that anyone can understand it. It is one of the most powerful conversion tools available today, increasing sales from between 15-75%, according to

Still, there are so many different types of promo videos that it’s hard to decide which style is right for you. While both live-action and animated promo videos can succinctly explain what you do and how you do it, there are some key benefits to choosing animation. In terms of turnaround time, flexibility and cost, animated promo videos always win, hands down.

Animated Promo Videos Are Faster

Creating a live-action video is not a smooth process. Scripts must be written, locations must be chosen and professional actors, designers and directors must be selected and trained. By the time you are ready to shoot the raw footage, the preparation alone may have taken almost a year to complete. Once shooting is complete, it must be edited, which take take as long as 3 months. The total time on a live-action demo video? Between 6 months and a year. The total time to complete an animated promo video? One month.

Animated Promo Videos Are Flexible

Because live action films take so much time and money to create, they are very difficult to change. This inability to be flexible is one of the reasons why many companies use the same outdated tutorial videos. They don’t have the resources to continually update a live-action demo video that might take a year to produce.

Animated promo videos are different. Changing them is as simple as a couple of drawings and a good, short voiceover. You can change and update them whenever you want, continually keeping your video in line with changing technology and process. And, even full video changes usually cost less than 30 seconds of a live-action video.

Animated Promo Videos are Economical

Since we don’t have to worry about hiring actors, directors and filmmakers to create your video, the cost of animated promo videos are significantly lower than live-action videos. At Tim Goodspeed Demo Videos, our team of writers and animators are on staff to make sure that you get the best quality in as little as a few weeks. For only $2,000, you get a guaranteed product that you will love, with as many rewrites and revisions as you need to get it just right. That’s only a fraction of what a live-action video would cost you, even with an experienced crew.

Contact Tim Goodspeed Demo Videos today, and we’ll show you how we make the fastest, most flexible and most economical animated promo videos in the business!

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