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See What is New This 2014-2015 School Year!

Beginning August 25th, 2014, Navasota Intermediate School is going to experience a new revolution. With the majority of the teachers being new to the campus and a brand new principal, Todd Nesloney, the Navasota Rattlers are slithering into a new adventure. This year, Navasota Intermediate students will be placed in self-contained classrooms providing a positive and supportive environment for their academic, personal, and social needs. Also, the intermediate school will be using technology in the classrooms more than ever before. With approximately six iPads in each classroom, the students will know how and when to use technology and choosing the most appropriate tools for their academic success. The Navasota Intermediate Rattlers will also be transforming their education into the highly effective and sufficient learning, known as Project Based Learning (PBL). Project Based Learning (PBL) teaches teamwork, problem solving, research gathering, time management, information synthesizing, and utilizing high tech tools. With this combination of skills, students become directors and managers of their learning process, guided and mentored by a skilled teacher. The 2014-2015 school year is going to be an exciting one, so come join Navasota Intermediate School as they glide into the new year!
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