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January 23-27, 2017

from Bret-

During my site visits regarding data collection around Tower standard 3, it’s interesting to see how principals manage site budgets. Here is an example of a form created by a colleague which allows teachers to submit requests for items.

The Delta Team meets next week. As of now, here is the draft agenda.

Regarding two PTA Council events: (1) PTA Reflections Showcase is this Sunday at the Battlefield Mall in front of JC Penny starting at 1:00, and (2) Please connect with your PTA President about ensuring your site recognizes an outstanding PTA volunteer at the PTA Founder’s Day Banquet which is Thursday, February 23rd at 6:30.

Please remember to include your site’s Kindergarten Registration information on this form.

In my Leadership Learning Series, the book we are reading provided some reminders concerning defusing skills when students get upset. Below are some good reminders:

· Privacy, eye contact, and proximity – Redirection should be private, make direct eye contact with students, and get close to students so they are not embarrassed by redirection

· Nonverbal PEP Cards – Simple cards that can be used instead of verbal cues (i.e. “thank you,” “please stop,” “do you need down time?”)

· Listening, acknowledging, agreeing, and deferring – Actively listen to upset students, acknowledge their feelings, let students know what they are saying might be true, let students know when you will address the situation

· Verbally acknowledging a power struggle – Acknowledge to students that you are in the middle of a power struggle

· Offering a safe spot, but stay inviting – AKA “buddy room”

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BOE Regular Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 5:30pm


8 Conflicting Habits of Wildly Successful People

"...learn to embrace your own contradictions and let them add depth and texture to everything you do."

from J-

I found great value in that above article. Have you thought about ways that conflicting habits may actually make you a better leader? Which aspects did you identify with?

The enrollment projection and related FTE review has begun. Over the next few weeks, I will be having conversations with you around where student and staff count appears to be falling. We will also discuss any specific needs/situations that need to be accounted for. You are invited to take a run at what you believe will be the configuration for next year, and we can compare our thinking.

Over the past months, Ben, Shane and I have been setting the stage for some work that we are very excited about, and aligns to ERPing student and our learning. In applying some backward planning, we need your input with creating the SPS Portrait of a Graduate, which is a fundamental outcome of this work. You may have seen an invitation in this through email communication, and you will find the video from Dr Jungmann below. We need as much input on this as possible, so besides asking for you, please encourage your staff to participate, your parents, and any & all community members that you partner with to give us input. You can find the link by clicking here. I'm looking forward to sharing a more complete vision with you soon!

Visits to the southwest section of Springfield are being scheduled as Gisela is connecting with you to schedule best days times that I can come learn with you. :)

Have a fantastic week!

Portrait of a Graduate
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