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Varoon Enjeti

About Me

Hi my name is Varoon and I am 11 years old, I live in Kansas and I am in Middle School. I'm not someone who likes to read all the time, but I will read if I find a very good book to read. I don't like to read very long books, but I read when I'm bored.
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Quote About Reading

I chose this quote because I thought it had a very interesting way to look at reading. Reading makes you have a better imagination because you have to think about the setting in the book which takes you places.

10 Things About Me As a Reader

1. I like Action Packed Books

2. I like comic books too

3. I normally read at night, in my bed

4. I like very fictional books

5. At the same time I like realistic books

6. I like books in a series

7. I like humor in books

8. I like very suspenseful books

9. I don't like long books

10. I don't really like books that are too mythical

Things I Like To Do

1. I like to be outside

2. I play baseball and basketball

3. I play kickball with my friends almost everyday

4. I don't get tired very easily

5. I like to skateboard or sometimes longboard

5. I like to play backyard football

6. I like to play on my laptop

7. I like to solve the Rubik's Cube

8. I like to mess with technology

9. I like to play on my phone

10. I like to motor scooter around my neighborhood

Song That Reminds Me About Reading

Sonic X Theme Song (Opening) - Gotta Go Fast (Looped)

Song That Reminds Me About Reading

This song reminds me about reading because when I read I like to read very, very, very, very fast. It is so I can finish this book and get to the next one.
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Book That I am Reading

I am reading Middle School Save Rafe. It is a very humorous book, it is about a kid named Rafe who is very troublesome and has to go back to his old middle school that he was expelled from.

Book Recomandation Website

I chose because they have lots of cool books that I like to read , my favorites are the funny books!
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