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Do you need help with your Fantasy Football team?

CrowdGM is the very best and most fun way to get Fantasy Football help. Sure, you've seen the number crunching on ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS, but what about the human element? We believe strongly that opinions and intuition are what make Fantasy Sports so much fun, not numbers and charts. That's where we come in. Whether your can't decide to accept your buddy's proposal, drop your consistent vet for that player who just killed it in on Monday Night Football, or just want to get everyone's opinion on a move you have already made, the CrowdGM community will set you straight.

With CrowdGM you can:

  • Post a trade that you are thinking about or that has been proposed to you
  • Post the players you are debating about sitting or starting
  • Post a waiver move you are considering (e.g. "adding this player and dropping this one")
  • Vote and get votes on all of the above.
  • Comment on all postings (i.e. trash talk, or constructive criticism if you're into that sorta thing...)
  • Share your postings on Facebook or Twitter so you can invite your friends to join in the discussion.

Don't forget to create a name for your trade (e.g. "I need a quarterback") as well as a short description (e.g. "Brady just got injured and I have no backup. Meanwhile I am stacked at RB.") so that you can provide context for other users.

We are in the Beta, so we need your help. Please e-mail any bugs, issues, or suggestions to


Blake Rochkind and Bryan Leboff


The easiest and most fun way to get Fantasy Football advice.