Prisoner B-3087

By Alan Gratz

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  • Autobiography
  • Biography
  • Historical Fiction
  • Pages 256
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The protagonist is Yanek Gruener(Jacob Gruener). He is a young boy who is a Jew. When the war starts the Nazis take all of his rights and lock him in a ghetto with thousands of other Jews.

Minor character

The minor character is the soldiers, they are in the story at all times it just doesn't tell us much about them.


The setting is in many different concentration camps. The time was during the holocaust from 1939 to 1945. Some important events are when the SS comes and shuts down a place and turns it into a ghetto in 1939 to 1942.


The conflicts were with Jacob Gruener and the Nazis or SS. The SS came and took over the Krakow ghetto. This caused conflict because there were thousands of Jews in such a small area. Jacob and hsi family had to share a little house with 3 other families until one day Jacob went exploring and found a little hut on top of the building. The hut on the top of the building used to be a chicken coop, but it was their home. The door to get to the top of the building had a gate that could be locked so that no one could get up there.


The last conflict is when Jacob is on the Death March in 1945. He wasn't scared anymore. He just wanted to Allies to come take over, or kill them with a bomb. Many people were killed on the Death March. There was so little of food on the death march that people were to weak to walk, and when they fell behind they were shot and killed.


The book Prisoner B-3087 was a very interesting book. Throughout the book it gave many good details about all the concentration camps. The camps according to the book are a very bad place. They kill thousands of Jews a day, and didn't care about it.


The theme of the book is Survive at all costs. Jacob is going to survive no matter what. He told himself that from day 1. He was tired of all the soldiers and he was going to survive. If he wasn't going to survive he was going to put up a fight.


I would recommend this book to my friends. It was a very detailed book about what happened in the camps. I really liked how they explained how everything was. Also they gave good details about everything that happened.
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