Book Talk

The Black Soldier

What is the genre of the book and how do you know?

This book is informational and I know because the book is informing you about black soldiers through history.

Who is the author and what is the title of the book?

The author is Catherine Clinton and the title is The Black Soldier 1492 to the Present.

Why did you choose to read about this topic?

I chose this book because I needed an informational book and I thought it would be an interesting book that could help me further understand history.

What is one thing that you learned from this book that you didn't know before?

I didn't know that black soldiers played such a big part in every war.

What is the central idea of this book? What issues or ideas does the author explore?

The central ideas are black soldiers and how they contributed to history. One of the big issues discussed was racial discrimination.

What evidence does the author use to support the book's ideas? Is the evidence convincing, definitive, or speculative? Does the author depend on personal opinion, observation, and assessment? Or is the evidence factual based on statistics?

The author uses factual evidence from documents and experts. She researched all of the topics that were discussed in the book. They were well sourced in the book.

What have you learned after reading this book? Has it broadened your perspective about a difficult issue--personal or societal? Has it introduced you to the culture in another country or a different ethnic or regional culture in your own country? Explain.

I have learned more about some of the wars that have happened in the past and how black soldiers played a role in them and what they did to help. It has broadened my understanding about how people of color were treated. it is a big problem even today. This book has also showed me how African Americans can bring part of their own culture to America by celebrating certain holidays and doing things they would do in another part of the world.