Friday, October 24, 2014

The Site Listed on Today's techgab are all related to the use of Twitter for education.

What is Twitter and What is a Tweet?

Twitter is a social media board/chat where people communicate using tweets. A tweet is a contains 140 or fewer characters and is also known as an "update" or "post." Tweet is also a verb, which means to post on Twitter, in other words, send a message on Twitter. Tweeting is the act of writing and posting tweets to Twitter. Link:

What is the Purpose of Twitter?

What purpose(s) does Twitter serve, not only socially, but professionally as well?

Twitter Cheat Sheet

This site is a summary of twitter and also lists some great tweet sites (#) for teachers.


Glossary of Twitter Terms

Here are listed some terms, slang, lingo, jargon, etc. you will see in Twitter. Link:

How to Join Twitter

Signing up for Twitter takes about five minutes!

The Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Education

This site offers a huge list of Twitter hashtags (#) which are conversations in which you can take part and exchange your ideas with others on a given subject.