ERPD May 7th, 2014

Look at the back of your agenda to see what group you will be with today.

Learning Targets

I can utilize “my materials” in HomeBase to save/mark content specific materials for later use in my instruction.

I can incorporate Marzono's high-yield instructional strategies, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and classroom management skills in my lessons to increase student engagement and deeper understanding of content.

I can use my MacBook Air laptop to create instructional materials to personalize learning.

Session A: Schoolnet

Schoolnet has an amazing amount of resources available for teachers, including lesson plans, instructional units, assessments, etc.! Take a few minutes to look at some examples of lesson plans for your content area.

Examples of ELA Resources from Schoolnet

Examples of Math Resources from Schoolnet

Examples of Science Resources from Schoolnet

Examples of Social Studies Resources from Schoolnet

The Arts

Physical Education


No lessons are posted at this time.

Session B

Classroom Management, Bloom's Taxonomy, and High Yield Instructional Strategies

Session C: iWorks--Pages

How Does Everything Fit Together?

How do Bloom's Taxonomy, Marzano's High-Yield Instructional Strategies, and effective classroom management relate to the ISS Model?

Blended Learning Rubric

Teacher Evaluation


Please complete the two surveys emailed to you by Goodwin before you leave today.