Trouble is Hoovering Over Us

By: Logan Harbison

President Hoover

President Hoover was not good by any means but you gotta give him props. He didn't quit. He has done a lot of things wrong but a select few things right.


President Hoover did good things and definitely some bad things. Lets try and focus on the good things for a second. He made it so people had to earn there money. No handouts was a good thing. Now days people just work a little bit, have a bunch of kids, get food stamps and then use the money they should be spending on food on the latest and greatest phone or T.V. or video game. Another thing that Herbert did right was his attitude. He was gun-ho about trying to fixing the problems that were going on in the nation, as well as reassuring the countries people that it will be resolved and that everything will be all right.


Although President Hoover did some good things, he definitely did a lot of dumb things too. He was reassuring and had the right idea but most thought he wasn't reassuring enough. Hoover also wasn't about interfering with businesses, but everyone wanted him too and he should have because they were cutting people off left and right. Direct Relief was another problem people had with the president. He wouldn't help people out. He thought people needed to work for what they had.