Animal Treatment

abigail perez

Shrine Curcis

Shrine Curcis is a place were they train animals.Their are elephants that get trained and get very tiered that they can't stop to drink water for 2 hours or even relax for a minute.Shrine Curcis has a harmful way of tying the animals by their neck.Some animals die because they were tied really tight.People just don't care about the animals they just what money by doing their job.

Even if they are babies or alduts people separate them when the animals are without knowing what is happening to their family in the wild or in the zoo but they just whant to be together and be happy in their homes.

More beutiful wild

According to Shrine Curcis More Beutifull Wild is another curcis were they train animals instead to train them kind it forces the animals to do something like tricks,walk,and animals don't like it.The animals also do tricks that are unnatural like doing handstands and mostly training them human tricks.

The animals must do the tricks or else they will get hit.Animals sometimes need to work for people for good reasons or for bad reasons.Animals need to be free or else they could die by not being treated well also because they are use too their homes.


Animals in the wild

Some animals have been taken from their homes and been used for the curcis to intertaint people.I think animals should be taken back to the wild because they already have been trained and performed so then they should be taken back to their personel homes.In the wild the animal eats plays cares and more stuff that they like to do when their home.

Petting Zoos

In the petting zoos the animals feel more confident and safe you could even meet freindly peacoks,llamas,rabbits and deers that you can pet and feed.You can even bring your own lettuce,carrots,bread or calery to give the animals.In the petting zoos you could see animals you haven't seen before.

Petting zoos for the animals is kind of like if they were in the wild.Animals sometimes love when people pet them but some animals are angry because of something bad that we did to them that they remember.