Puerto Rico

By: Sarah Beasley


In this presentation it will inform you more about the country of Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico is a common wealth of the United States of America. Since it is owned by the U.S.A. most of the U.S. laws apply in Puerto Rico also. Puerto Rico's currency is called, Peso's. Since Puerto Rico is a common wealth of the U.S.A. they do not have a president. They elect a governor who has all the same responsibilities as a president.


Just like in America you start school at age 5 and graduate at age 18. All schooling is free. After high school most people start to work very few go to college and get larger careers.


Spanish is the main language. Although english and Portuguese are also very popular languages.

Sports and Arts

Some of the most popular sports are basketball,baseball and boxing. Horse racing is a sport more elders play. Dance and song are very popular in Puerto Rico. There is traditional dances that most children will learn at a young age.


Richer people in Puerto Rico have very larger houses. An average person with a family lives in a house that is put together as if it was a apartment.


Puerto Rican's are Roman Catholic. There is some indigenous people on the island. Puerto Ricans are very strong believers that people that have died protect you from above and that they never really leave. For prestado or lent we have to options you can either give up a certain food activity or prized possession or you and your family don't have to give up anything but every night before dinner you must put a cross in the middle of your table with burning sage on each side of the cross. Any other option is not available and is highly frowned upon.

Growth/Death rates and Population/Birth rates

Growth: -0.6% annual change Population: 3.596 million

Death: 7.86 out of every 1,000 Fertility Rate: 1.64 births per woman


Since Puerto Rico is not required to pay taxes many of the jobs there pay good money. Puerto Rico is not a realativily poor country. The highest you can be paid is $144,830 and that is jsut how much you get paid for being a Psychiatrists!!!!