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January 2016

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20 Reasons Why I Love Girl Power (And You should Too) is the first in a series of books by new author, Carletta S. Hurt, designed to recognize the power in girls. It is a compilation of words that she has found and seen that exude “girl power”. It harnesses the top 20 reasons girls are amazing individuals and why we must take time to celebrate, encourage, and uplift them.

20 Reasons Why takes a look at some of the obvious and the subtle reasons that girl empowerment is vital.

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2015 DC LOVE Award Honorees and Special Guest, Yara Shahidi (Zoey on Black-ish)

We would like to congratulate the recent DC LOVE Award Honorees:
#MD Youth-Enter @MyBGE Wires Are Down video contest=school could win $10,000 promoting electric safety-

Come play with us! Models Needed!

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MOVIE REVIEW: Daddy's Home and Concussion

2016 Summer Internships - PAID

The Emma L. Bowen Foundation is now accepting applications for 2016 Summer internships. We place students of color to work at Television Stations and Media Companies throughout the United States. Please ask students who are interested to please visit our website for the application process OR use this link to apply:

For more information about our program please visit our website:

There are thousands and thousands of high school seniors and college freshmen who are planning to major in Business, Finance, Marketing, English, Communications, Public Relations, Broadcast Journalism, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science who need a PAID Summer Internship to start to build skills and a resume.

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