The Snuffling Potion!

correctly guessed by Adelaide Asman -Potions Club Activity 3

what does it do?

The Snuffling Potion is a potion which when smelled, will cause the drinker to sniff and sneeze uncontrollably. The Snuffling Potion mimics the feelings of a common cold, causing the mucus within the persons nasal cavities to multiply, therefore giving them the feeling of being congested. The person will begin to sniff, with increasing vigour, before starting to sneeze continuously.

This potion is sometimes used by Healers in a similar way to smelling salts, to awaken people who have fainted, for comedic purposes, or to clear one of congestion. After the effects of the Snuffling Potion have worn off, the person will find their nasal passages completely clear.

Excessive inhalation of this potion can result in severe side effects, from nosebleeds to brain haemorrhages, and it's use should be monitored.


The Snuffling Potion was created by Glover Hipworth, a man made famous for inventing the Pepper up potion. Glover was a British wizard, who attended Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1753, and later became an expert potioneer. Glover dreamt of being able to cure the common cold, for at this time no Muggle or Magical cure existed for the ever-changing illness.

In 1777 Glover decided to change his tactic for curing the common cold, and instead, planned to first create a potion which would give someone a cold, before then adding ingredients to this potion which would negate its effects, therefore curing the magically induced cold. However, instead of creating his cure, Glover managed to create the Snuffling Potion instead. Whilst adding ingredients to his cauldron, Glover realised that he was beginning to sniff, and eventually sneeze uncontrollably. As he continued to breathe in the potion he was creating, the effects increased, causing him to eventually pass out.

When he awoke, Glover was so confused by what had happened that he thought that he had succeeded in his plans and quickly bottled the potion. However, having inhaled so much of the Snuffling Potion, Glover could barely make it out of his house for being racked by uncontrollable sneezing. Not knowing that the effects of the potion would eventually wear off, Glover believed that he would be like this forever, unless he managed to cure his cold.

The effects of the Snuffling potion doubled Glover's motivation to create this cure, resulting in him finally, 3 days later, creating the Pepper-up potion, for which he is most famous.

so without the Snuffling potion, there would be no pepper-up potion!


Stirring tool
Mortar and pestle

Silver knife

Cutting board

Glass dropping tool
Dragon-hide gloves (please ensure to put these on prior to starting)

Respirator mask (please ensure to put thison prior to starting)
Phial and stopper


300ml water

lets get brewing!

Estimated Brewing Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Step 1 - Add 300ml water to the cauldron
Step 2 - Heat to 100oC (212oF) and bring the water to boil
Step 3 - Add 6 Peppercorns to the cauldron
Step 4 - Tap your wand twice on the nearest edge of the cauldron
Step 5 - Add the Bicorn Horn to the Mortar and Pestle and grind into a very fine powder
Step 6 - Add 3 Peppercorns to the Mortar and Pestle and grind with the Bicorn Horn
Step 7 - Add 5 teaspoonful's of this mixture to the cauldron

your potion should now turn brown

Step 8 - Using the silver knife, slice the Mandrake into thick chunks
Step 9 - Add the Mandrake to the cauldron

Step 10 - Stir 4 times, clockwise

Step 11 - Stir 3 times anti-clockwise, slowly

your potion should now be a dark green colour

leave the potion to brew for 22 minutes

Step 12 - Gently place the eyebrow on top of the Jobberknoll feather, adding the final feather on top (like a feather-eyebrow sandwich)
Step 13 - Standing at arms length, drop the Jobberknoll feathers and eyebrow into the cauldron together

Your potion will now turn a vivid blue colour and emit showers of blue sparks

Step 14 - tap your wand twice on the left edge of your cauldron
Step 15 - Stir the potion twice, anti-clockwise
Step 16 - Stir the potion once clockwise, slowly
Step 17 - Add the final 3 Peppercorns to the cauldron
Step 18 - Tap your wand twice on the furthest edge of the cauldron from you
Step 19 - Add the sunflower, whole, to the middle of the cauldron

Your potion should now turn a bright green colour

Step 20 - Stir the potion once, clockwise
Step 21 - Tap your wand twice on the right edge of the potion

leave your potion to brew for 32 minutes

If your potion has been brewed successfully, it should be a weak green colour and emit clouds of clear smoke. This potion will not necessarily smell of anything specific, but if sniffed, will cause the persons nose to tingle severely for around 2 minutes, before the effects begin.

A successfully brewed Snuffling Potion will be a thin consistency, low viscosity, like water. You should never taste this potion, as it will cause extreme sickness and diarrhoea

Warning - this potion should be bottled and stoppered very tightly, before being sealed within a glass box

additional information

If brewed incorrectly, the Snuffling potion will become highly acidic, causing the fumes to burn any skin they come into contact with. This means that sniffing the potion would cause 3rd degree burns along your nose and face, instead of the expected effects. You will be able to tell if this potion has been brewed incorrectly, for instead of emitting puffs of clear smoke, the smoke will be tinged green, and the potion will appear to bubble slightly when cool.

If stirred incorrectly, this potion will immediately turn black, and begin to hiss. Once this has occurred you have around 5 seconds to vanish the potion, before it begins to expand, bubbling over the top of the cauldron and leaking out into the room.

If the sunflower is not added last, the potion will turn a golden yellow colour, and instead of causing the consumer to sniff, will cause their eyes to water incessantly.

There are no additional ingredients for this potion as it is not suitable for oral consumption and does not have a smell.


There are no measurements for the use of the Snuffling Potion. Instead, the administration is classified into 3 grades of exposure:

Low Grade Exposure - this occurs when the person has been exposed to the potion for less that 5 minutes. The effects will be minor, slight sniffing will occur after 2 minutes, which will progress into deep sniffing and slight sneezing. The effects of Low Grade Exposure will last less than 1 hour from the first sniff.

Medium Grade Exposure - this occurs when the person has been exposed to the potion for around 30 minutes. The effects will be quite prominent, with slight sniffing occurring after 2 minutes, which will progress into excessive sniffing, with high levels of congestion and a 'runny' nose. The person may also experience a slight headache, and sneezing will develop quickly. Sneezing will be continuous, and forceful, causing the person to feel nauseated or dizzy. Medium Grade Exposure will often result in light/medium nosebleeds. The effects of Medium Grade Exposure will last around 1 day from the first sniff.

High Grade Exposure - this occurs when the person has been exposed to the potion for an hour or more. The effects will be severe, and possibly damaging. Slight sniffing will occur after 2 minutes, which will quickly progress through excessive sniffing and congestion to uncontrollable and unstoppable sneezing. Sneezes will be forceful, and eye watering will occur. The person will often have a strong headache, or even a migraine and may experience light sensitivity. Vomiting may occur with the sneezing, and it may be more difficult to breathe. Nose bleeds will occur frequently, and will be heavy, in many cases, brain damage such as haemorrhages may occur. The effects of High Grade exposure will last a minimum of 3 days, with an additional day added for each hour of exposure.

if High Grade Exposure occurs, call a Healer to visit you immediately. Healers at St Mungos will be able to trace the call, even if you cannot talk for sneezing


The Snuffling potion should be stored in a glass phial, with a wooden stopper. It is imperative that you stopper this potion properly, otherwise the fumes will escape and affect anyone who goes near the potion. The stopper for the Snuffling potion should be changed every month, to prevent it from absorbing too much potion and releasing vapours into the air.

The Snuffling Potion should also be kept within a glass case, to further prevent the fumes from escaping.

The Snuffling potion can be kept anywhere, it does not have needs for light, dark, heat or cool. The most important part of the storage of the Snuffling potion is that it is stoppered, sealed and contained Properly.

The Snuffling Potion, provided it is stored properly, can be kept for up to 6 years, after which time it will turn yellow, and will cause severe coughing fits to anyone who breathes in its fumes.


Here are this weeks activities! Please choose one of the following:

group activity

I would like you to write about a group of people (not yourselves) from history who are plotting to take over the world through the use of the Snuffling potion. You should aim to answer the following questions:

Who were they?
What was their master plan?
How did they brew it?
Did they brew it successfully?
Did their master plan succeed?

What effects did the potion have?

Your submission may take any form! Make a video, write a story, write an essay, create a powerpoint, write a historical document it is up to you! Be creative, and HAVE FUN!

solo activity

I would like you to write diary entries from the perspective of a witch or wizard from history (not yourself) who is trying to brew the Snuffling Potion for the first time. You should aim to answer the following questions:

Who are they?

Why are they brewing it?

How did they brew it?
Were they successful?

How did the potion effect them?

What did they then use the potion for?

Your submission may take any form! Make a video, write a story, write an essay, create a powerpoint, it is up to you! Be creative, and HAVE FUN!

Please OWL your completed activities to Professor Wolfe! Don't worry, they will not be graded :)

You will have until Thursday the 24th of July to enter your submission

Please let me know what you thought of our third group activity :)

As well as any comments, questions or suggestions you may have!