My Year in the REMSL Program

What I learned, and what I hope I can share with you!

This year I have had the opportunity to participate in ConocoPhillips Rice Elementary Model Science Lab. Meeting once a week for fourteen weeks of the school year, we have gotten to participate in hands-on, inquiry learning using the 5E model that we have been able to take back and implement in our classrooms. We discussed important topics in teaching methods and in science learning, and I hope that I can share with you a few of the points and ideas that stuck with me. I know there is a lot on here, so I hope that you can find one or two new ideas that you might want to try in your classroom or share with your team!

Formative Assessments

This book has many easy, practical strategies for informally assessing your students' understanding to shape your teaching and reteaching of the material. The strategies I have included below are ones that I tried and loved using in my classroom this year.

Ideas for Teaching and Reinforcing Vocabulary


Science Online Resources

Outdoor Learning Center Resources