vocab 12

Vocab words

Disconcert:To disturb the composure,To throw out of order.

Dishevel:To make untidy and out or order or to make thing disorganized.

Dolt:a person with not many brains in them or not a very intelligent person.

Don: to put on, or to put something on.

Elite: the best thing or the most improved.


Dolt:Mrs.B is such a dolt.(False)

Don:In the cosmetology program, we are to don hats at all times.(False)

Elite:Cosmetology is an elite program.(True)

Dishevel: Mr. McGhee is strict about students disheveling their homework.(true)

Disconcert:It is discocerting when Mr. McGhee does not bother Abbi.(True)


Disconcert:discompose/ arrange.



Don: wear/disrobe.


Pictures of three words

Dour, Doleful, Eloquent.
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