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Ladd Newsletter: April 2020

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Ladd: Whole New Experience

The Ladd staff has been preparing and we are so excited to start remote learning with you. We don't have it all figured out yet, so we promise to adjust as we learn more about what works for each of you.


We recognize that even if you have devices and internet in your home, you are likely not able to have everyone on a device at the same time. Therefore, we staggered our synchronous (together) meeting times, so that you can prioritize devices for students in that particular grade level. These sessions will include the primary instruction and contact from the teacher. Your teacher may offer other optional/non-instructional meetings throughout the week, but those on the schedule are the most essential.

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Teachers will also provide lessons/activities for students to work on during the week through either Google Classroom or Seesaw(Resources for tech). Most children access these regularly at school, so they should be able to take the lead. If there are any questions, teachers can be reached during their established office hours or via email/Bloomz 8:30-4:00. The first week is less about work production/submission and more about becoming comfortable using the technology.

Recommended workload:

PK/K = 30 min/day

1/2 = 45 min/day

3/4/5 =1 hour/day

6/7/8 = 30 min/day/class

Resources & Devices:

Dr. Karen Gaborik, Superintendent, sent an email on Friday with lots of information and links to resources about instruction, meals, devices and more. I encourage you to read it, if you have not already. All district resources can be found on the school closure webpage.

As mentioned in Dr. Gaborik's email, there are many ways for families to gain internet access. We are able to checkout a Chromebook to each family in need. We have reviewed our survey results and gathered your requests that were sent to teachers. We will be reaching out to those particular families shortly.


As mentioned previously, we are learning how to teach remotely. Please stay in touch with your child's teacher and let them know what is working, what is too complicated, and what else you would like to see. We know that our families are in many different situations, including experiencing deployment, working from home, and/or supporting on the frontlines in the medical or other essential fields. This is a partnership more than ever and we need your participation for success. Please let us know what we can do to support you and your child.

Admin Staff at Ladd

Cori Anthony: Principal; Joni Jackson: Admin Secretary

Alicia Lewis: Assistant Principal; Rhonda Gottschalk: Attendance Secretary

Kristy Weaver: Counselor; Debbi Blackburn: Special Education Clerk

Veronica Steadman: Nurse; Alexandra Arndt-Brown: Behavior Aide (Ms. A-B)

Patricia Garrett: MFLC